Current Creative Projects

Stay Ahead of the Warrants: A memoir of living on the road for over a decade

We were a couple of the early vanlifers--before it became a YouTube phenomenon. For 11 years, we traveled through all 50 states, mostly in a converted van, and were privileged to be able to continue to work while visiting some of the amazing places across Canada and the U.S. We have stories to tell, and this work is where they will appear.


Someone killed Dana Coombs and left her body in an abandoned opal mine tunnel. Jaqe Turner risks her life finding out who and sets in motion the life of a ten year old girl in a dystopian future.

Long Creek

Short stories and podcast.

Current Technical Projects

My writing work takes me around the globe (virtually that is), writing about the incredible science and discoveries being made using some of the most advanced technology on the planet. It's truly a privilege to talk with these researchers to learn about the science they are doing and the sometimes scary things they are finding out about our planet and ourselves. Read the articles by visiting my portfolio.

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